Door : Johnny De Jonghe donderdag 15 december 2011

Prettige feestdagen.


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yasmina: donderdag 9 februari 2012
Hahahaahha kei grappig M.Jhony zijn gezicht hahahaah :lol :D
Lucia: dinsdag 3 april 2012
She is usually the first to say that her wushu has decfifiencies. She never claimed to be much of a jumper (quite the opposite, actually), but to be honest that isn't really her strength in wushu. Her wushu is really about her intensity and explosiveness, as well as her techniques. She has really cool yells too (they make my blood curdle when I hear her do them). A lot of earlier wushu athletes aren't known so much for their jumping (Li Xia comes to mind) but the main difference is that these days the rules require the crazy jumping so what an athlete might be good at is overshadowed by their ability (or lack of ability) in jumping. which is kind of too bad, since it means that a lot of the more impressive elements of martial arts (power generation, proper technique, execution of movement, etc) are always pushed to the wayside while people check out whether or not a person has any hops . Hops are impressive, of course. I guess I just wish people didn't focus on them so much. (not you, specifically, just people in general)Ah well

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